Chlorella Caps

Quantity: 180 capsules

Description: Fresh Water Green Algae

Indications: Chlorella is a unique single-celled fresh water green algae. Chlorella\'s single-cell structure is the key to its uniquely varied and concentrated supply of vitamins, minerals, protein and other nutrients. Because chlorella is a pure, whole food, these nutrients are in the form and balance that nature intended. Chlorella contains amino acids (protein), enzymes (including pepsin for digestion), vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. It contains over 18% Chlorella Growth Factor, high in RNA and DNA, the building blocks of life. Up to 10% of chlorella can be RNA, while DNA levels can be as high as 3%.

Ingredients: Three capsules of Chlorella Caps contains:
protein 1 gram
vitamin D 222 IU
vitamin K 18 mcg
riboflavin 0.07 mg
folate 34 mcg
iron 2 mg
chlorella 1.35 g
chlorophyll 28 mg

Suggestion: 3 capsules daily with meals or as directed.

Safety: Contraindications: Chlorella Caps contain iron and accidental overdose of iron-containing products is one of the leading causes of fatal poisoning in children under six; therefore this product should be kept out of reach of children. Chlorella Caps also contain vitamin K and for this reason caution should be exercised when using this product with patients who are on prescribed blood-thinning agents.


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