Homeopathic Remedy

What is a Homeopathic Remedy?

To understand the term “homeopathic remedy” correctly, we need to understand both the words “homeopathic” and “remedy” accurately. In its literal sense, the word homeopathic means “similar suffering”, and is referring to the law of nature known as the “Law of Similars”. In this sense, then, it refers to a relationship between a disease and a medicinal substance which are very closely similar (and therefore, there is a curative relationship between them). Whether the medicine was potentized, or not, does not define a homeopathic relationship.

It may be called “homeopathic” only if it has the relationship of similarity to the disease being treated, and it may only be called a “remedy” if it actually remedies something. A “remedy”, also, isn’t always necessarily a medicinal substance, but may be a lifestyle modification, or even an idea which catalyzes a change in someone’s perception or psychological state. It is the result of a “remedy” upon which we can judge whether it actually was one or not.

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