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Achieving Health through Heilkunst

Heilkunst encompasses three realms. The following are the three areas of health that are addressed when you are treated using Heilkunst:

  • Therapeutic regimen (the restoration of balance – homeostasis)
    This is the realm of lifestyle – diet, exercise, nutrition, supplements, sleep, hydration, relaxation, etc. Here we find imbalances because of too little or too much of something that is needed by our organism to function properly.
  • Internal medicine proper (the removal of disease – palingenesis), medicine/homeopathy
    This is the realm of disease proper. Disease is not simply an imbalance, but a deeper impairment of our life force. To correct this impairment, a substance is needed that can remove it (called cure), which is a medicine or remedy. This realm consists mainly of the treatment of various shocks and traumas (physical and emotional) acquired in our lifetime, as well as the potential for various inherited diseases (chronic miasms) that we carried into this world with us, a gift from our parents at conception.
  • Therapeutic education (the establishment of a healthy mind through means other than regimental measures or medicines): truth
    One of the greatest contributors to ill health is false beliefs about ourselves and the world. We may think that no one loves us, that we are not good enough to be successful, or any of a number of false thoughts. These can easily be shown to be untrue, but they dominate our thoughts and end up shaping the nature of our world. If we think we are not worthy, we will do things (even unconsciously) to undermine our success; if we think we are not loveable, we will take actions that drive love away.

These levels generally are addressed in the order given above: regimen, medicine and therapeutic education.

In essence, Heilkunst constitutes a structured method for the evaluation (anamnesis), understanding (diagnosis), treatment (therapeutics) and management of disease and illness in a given individual, at all levels – body, mind, soul and spirit.

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