Hair Analysis

A single hair can give a lot of information about you. The hair on your head grows 2-6 years before falling out. Many tiny blood vessels feed the base of each strand. During that time, your hair shaft absorbs chemicals from any drugs you take. It also contains sweat, your body’s natural oils, and any toxins around you.
A hair analysis uses special techniques to look closely at your hair under a microscope. The results can show details about your health and habits. Hair samples can be cut from the scalp or pulled up with the roots, depending on the reason for the test. Your hair absorbs chemicals from the medications you take, the foods you eat, environmental toxins and this information stays in the hair shaft for several months. Hair analysis can reveal drug use habits, genetic diseases, heavy metal poisoning and other conditions. This is a great tool to narrow down the picture to put the patient on a very effective path to resolving issues and greater healing.

Learn more about hair analysis at: Trace Elements, our hair analysis partner lab.

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