Bowen Therapy Session

Bowen is a complimentary modality in the sense it compliments and does not interfere with traditional medical attention. Although Bowen is very subtle and the body responds over time, it’s best to avoid other manipulative therapies for four days before and up to five days after a Bowen session.

The Bowen Technique will continue to be integrated over the next five days; or up to two or three weeks in some cases. Your awareness in following the instructions below will support this process.

Before the Session

  • Don’t have any other forms of bodywork for four days beforehand
  • Avoid heavy exercise on the day of your session
  • Don’t use ice or heat on the site or injury
  • Wear or bring light-weight, loose fitting clothing that your practitioner can work through, or be prepared to be worked on in your underclothes, under sheets or blankets

During the Week Following Your Bowen Session

  • Walk every 30-45 minutes
  • Drink water
  • Wait for a week

Other forms of manipulative or energetic therapy performed four days before and up to five days after a Bowen Technique session, may interfere with it’s effectiveness but the Bowen technique does not interfere with the effectiveness of other disciplines.

No massage or chiropractic, acupuncture, physiotherapy, hot tubs or cold packs, long hot showers, or dental drilling while the Bowen is being integrated into the body. Homeopathic remedies and flower remedies are fine; they will not interfere.

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Bowen Therapy
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